About glo-younger Skin Care

At glo-younger, we focus on your anti-aging regimen with exceptional results. We utilize proprietary peptide therapy, which contains exclusive amino acids that inherently restore your skin to a youthful glow. Our peptides and serums have received worldwide acclaim for being the best in the skin care arena.

The outstanding results from our services have been proven to give remarkable rejuvenation and restore elasticity to your skin giving you the youthful glow you deserve.


About Ludmilla

Ludmilla was born in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine and came to the United States when she was just seven years old. 

Since she was 13, her dream was to be an Aesthetician. She started going to skin care companies at that early age to experience the feeling of facials, peels, different treatments, permanent makeup, microdermabrasion, and scarring treatments, every therapy a person could want to enhance their looks and elevate their self-esteem.

She  admired the well-known professional, Wanda Enoch from Chicago, while she lived there. Her goal was to learn and emulate her techniques and professionalism. Ludmilla absorbed every bit of knowledge available  about every machine and its value to the customer. Wanda was Ludmilla's mentor and role model.

In 2015, Ludmilla moved to Florida to make a career here. And pursue her facial expertise learned from Wanda Enoch. Here she met Nancy Russ, another professional Aesthetician who would take Ludmilla to the next  level of training, professionalism and eventually to owning her salon. Ludmilla became Nancy's protége.

"I'm excited to start my new business in the Palm Coast area. If you are looking for a dedicated professional, who will treat you as someone special and not just a number, see me. Never rushed in a warm, inviting, and tranquil atmosphere. Your satisfaction is my satisfaction."

Experience the difference quality care makes...one client at a time.